Chem Plant & Engineering Services, a registered partnership company has been operating for the last 18 years. The company is engaged in the design, manufacturing, supply and installation of various process, plant and equipment in the field of chemical, pharmaceutical, hotels, cosmetics, healthcare and allied industries. The company has also developed an indigenous process know-how for conversion of waste rice husk ash to valuable chemicals such as sodium silicate and amorphous silica. Commercial plants have already been installed on turn-key basis, and are running successfully.

The key person of the company is Mr. Suranjan Basak, a chemical engineer & ex-employee of Gansons Ltd, McNally Bharat, Greaves, companies renowned in the field of chemical, pharmaceutical, & process industries. During his tenure with above organisations, he was extensively involved in process & mechanical design, execution of various equipments and projects, project management including plant commissioning & start-up.

Products by Chem Plant:

Sodium Silicate Plant From Rice Husk Ash